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Pilot​          ​          ​          ​                              noun

The best job in the world

Kaki          ​          ​          ​                        ​  noun

Means "leg" in Malay or close, trusted friend or buddies

Combine them both, and that's who we want to be:

Your Pilot Kaki.


Origin of Pilot Kaki

Leonardo da Vinci once quoted:


Tasted flight we have, and so do our eyes which ever so often turn skyward during our time on land. Little did we know, there are a bunch who share the same habit of staring up overhead when they hear the approaching hum coming from the engines purring from above, but not yet have the privilege of sitting in the flight deck.

This is what inspired Pilot Kaki - a collusion of effort between two close friends who met in flight school, and who still cherish each and every moment we get to don our uniforms and take to the skies.

We intend Pilot Kaki to be a one-stop platform where we (and hopefully, eventually users) can share our knowledge and information about everything there is to know in becoming and being a pilot. The content may come from our personal experiences, fellow pilots, or word-of-mouth from the non-exhaustive flying coterie around us, delivered first-hand to you.

The journey to becoming a pilot is one heck of an experience - daunting yet unrivalled in a class by itself. Some say it's a competition to achieve that coveted offer, but what we believe in is that with a clear and paved track, every one in this race who puts in the effort can eventually cross the finish line. Having weathered through the flying pilgrimage of cadetship, although there were guides and notes to rely on, we wished we were pampered with more concise, easy-to-read guides back in the day. It's never too late to fulfil what we missed out on; with Pilot Kaki, we hope to break down this journey into more lucid and digestible sections to chaperone you through.


We pledge to share and divulge as much as we can, without compromising the confidentiality of the airlines, informers and pilot community, while also maintaining the fairness of the process and the system, which has successfully churned out thousands of excellent airline pilots the past few decades.

"Once you have tasted flight, you will forever walk the Earth with your eyes turned skyward. For there you have been, and there you will always long to return."

Time can buy passion, but not the domain

We didn't create Pilot Kaki with the intention to make money. Simply put, we love our jobs and it is our utmost pleasure to dedicate fragments of our idle time at base to share this passion with birds of the same feather.

Unfortunately, time doesn't pay for the costs of running this website. To help us cover said costs, we have had no choice but to turn to modern alternatives of fundraising - advertisements from Google's Adsense. We have conscientiously placed a practical number of ads around the site such that it doesn't divert your attention or unset your experience when using Pilot Kaki.

You can expect to see the advertisements with the following markers:



If there is no website, there will be no readers. The opposite also rings true; with no readers, there will be no website in time to come as well. We would like to sincerely thank you for sharing this passion with us, and for supporting Pilot Kaki and helping it grow to where it is today.

As we strive hard to constantly improve the website and update it with the latest information, we hope that Pilot Kaki will propel your dreams further and fuel your pursuit to one day slip on those epaulettes above your shoulders, on it the responsibility of a hundred million dollar aircraft which you will meet with relish.


 Fly high, but stay grounded, and here's to meeting you in the flight deck one day.

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