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Scoot Co-Funded Cadet Pilot Programme

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Applications Open

Closes: 1 Feb 2024


As part of the Singapore Airlines Group, the Scoot Co-Funded Cadet Pilot Programme is highly popular, receiving numerous applications each time it opens. Despite being of the same family, Scoot is run independently and has opted to carry out its recruitment quite differently from its parent.


Here is the complete one-stop guide to what you can expect from all stages of the Scoot interview process, in your journey to becoming one of the select few to take to the skies. The interview can be summarised in the table as follow:

There is a general understanding that, unlike Singapore Airlines, Scoot technically allows candidates to re-apply for the programme across an unlimited number of times. However, it can be noted that candidates who have failed the most recent application or interview are typically informed that they need not re-apply for the next immediate intake. This will delay quite a significant amount of time for candidates as intakes are usually spaced out every couple of months, hence it is equally crucial for candidates to prepare well before applying for the Scoot Cadet Pilot Programme.


Scoot is also as stringent as Singapore Airlines in some of the requirements for the Cadet Pilot recruitment, and have listed down a length of pre-requisites on the recruitment page which must be duly followed.


Here are the following pre-requisites as indicated: 

  • Minimally 18 years old (as required by regulations in Air Navigation Order)

  • Legally entitled to work in Singapore upon completion of training

  • GCE 'O' level and above. A minimum of 5 Credits in the GCE 'O' level or its equivalent at one sitting. These must include English, Mathematics and a Science subject, preferably Physics

  • Qualify for Class I & II unrestricted medical certification as approved by the Civil Aviation Medical Board (CAMB)

  • Good visual acuity of at least 6/60 without optical aid, correctable to 6/6 and not colour blind

  • Be able to commit to a period of 18 months of consecutive training with no disruption

  • Physically and mentally fit









The interview is a 4 stage process, and based on the sketch timeline above, candidates can expect the total duration to reach up to 3 months before receiving the Offer of Employment. We have formulated a detailed guide on all four stages and their respective segments. You may scroll down the page menu on the right to the respective interview segment.

Scoot Interview Timeline.png


Stage 1 - Online Aptitude Test

Scoot has a different practice in the application process compared to Singapore Airlines. Email invitations are only sent out upon the conclusion of the application submission period. Applicants who pass the application selection will receive an email invitation within 2 to 3 weeks after the application dateline to complete an Online Aptitude Test if you have been shortlisted. The Online Aptitude Test is a series of test by Aon, whereby a link in the email will direct you to the test, and which must be completed within a period of 1 week.

The test consists of multiple sections, with candidates given about 10 to 15 minutes to complete each section. It will comprise the following sections (not listed in sequential order): 

  • Numerical Reasoning

  • Verbal Reasoning

  • Basic Numerical Comprehension

  • Deductive Logical Thinking

  • Inductive Logical Thinking

  • Cut-E (Aon) Monitoring

  • Cut-E (Aon) Spatial Orientation

  • Situational Judgment Test (where candidates will rank the course of actions according to which they are most likely to take)


There are also certain sites that provide sample tests, which can potentially help candidates in preparing for such aptitude assessments. Such sites may include:

Online Aptitude Test

Stage 2 - Assessment Centre & Post-Assessment Centre Self Video

Upon passing the AON assessment, candidates will receive an email from Scoot to head down for the Assessment Centre (AC). Upon registration, the candidate will then be allocated a table number, with each table comprising of about 5-6 people.​

Structure of Assessment Centre

The AC will comprise of two key segments:

1) Group Discussion Segment

2) Group Debate Segment (in which new groups will be formed)

  • Each candidate will have exactly one minute to present the case. Subsequently, there will be two rounds of 30 seconds each for rebuttal to question each other’s flight route. Lastly, candidates will have a final 30 seconds for closing remarks

Before the conclusion of the AC, there will be a contract briefing session where information such as career progression, training costs, remuneration packages and staff benefits will be shared.

Structure of Post-Assessment Centre Self Video

Once the AC is completed, candidates will receive an email on the day in the evening of their results, where they will be tasked to complete a Post-Assessment Centre Self Video. The self-reflection video will be done via the Scoot portal, with two minutes of preparation time and subsequently, two minutes to answer each question.

Some sample questions posed to the candidates are: 

1. What do you think was the most difficult aspect of the AC? How did you cope with that?

2. What are some areas you thought you did well in?

3. What are some areas to improve on?

4. What will you do to be better prepared for a future AC?

Upon completion of the Post-Assessment Centre Self Video, candidates will be asked to pick their preferred interview dates and timing from a series of options.

Assessment Centre


Final Interview

Stage 3 - Final Interview

During the Final Interview, candidates will be given 2 case studies and subjected to a one-on-one interview with an interview panel consisting of Management Pilots and a psychologist. 

The Final Panel Interview will take approximately 30 to 45 minutes. The candidate is expected to know a whole lot more about aviation and flying to progress pass this round. The interviewers may also pose questions outside of aviation regarding you, your decisions and team work skills, especially if they picked up something interesting during your self-introduction. Candidates can also expect the panel to make use of the good guy-bad guy routine. It is know that during the Final Panel Interviews, the interviewers tend to drill down deeper. It is good practice to be firm with your decisions, as they are looking for future commanders. 

When candidates are done with the Final Panel Interview, they will be notified of your results about 1-2 days later in the evening, depending on the day of the Final Interview. 

Stage 4 - MMPI Test, Medical Assessment, Assessment Centre Validation

After successfully clearing the Final Interview, Scoot candidates will undertake a Minnesota Multiphasic Personality Inventory (MMPI) test, and will be subjected to a medical check alongside a segment to validate the assessment centre stage, as the last stage of the selection process.


A personnel from Raffles Medical will contact the candidate to arrange a time slot to take the MMPI test, which consists of 328 questions, and will last for about 3 hours. The MMPI test is a type of psychological test developed for use in the measure of the psychological stability of high-risk workers, which population includes airline pilots. It allows for the diagnosis of an individual's mental health or clinical issues, if any.


The test, which can be done at home, comprise of true or false questions and will be administered by Raffles Medical through a link sent to the candidate's email and will cover the following components (not listed in sequential order): 

  • Hypochondriasis 

  • Depression

  • Hysteria

  • Psychopathic Deviate 

  • Masculinity/Femininity 

  • Paranoia 

  • Psych-asthenia 

  • Schizophrenia 

  • Hypomania

  • Social Introversion 

Candidates will also have to book the Class 1 and Class 2 Medical Assessment through the CAAS Electronic Licensing Medical Records System (ELMeRS) portal. You may refer to the dedicated Pilot Kaki Medical page for more information and specific details on what to expect for this final stage. ​

The total package cost of both the MMPI test and Medical is approximately S$500. 

About a day after the Medical Assessment, candidates will also be subjected to a validation of their initial online assessment at Scoot's headquarters at Changi Airport Terminal 2. There are 4 areas which the candidate will be re-assesssed in are:

  • Deductive Logical Thinking

  • Inductive Logical Thinking

  • Cut-E Monitoring

  • Cut-E Spatial Orientation

Successful candidates who have passed all stages will eventually be notified and invited for a contract briefing within the next week of being informed of the outcome.



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